Friday, 23 January 2009

The Diner

The Diner, Kensal Rise version, appears to be open or about to open. Report as soon as we've been will be here.

The website is rather basic at the moment, but the chain's other sites have more detailed ones (although not strangely the Camden one) so I assume we will get those sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

Came past The Diner earlier and noticed a sign on the window confirming it opens tomorrow (Saturday 24th). So in the interest of the local area I am going to check it out for lunch tomorrow. I don't expect it to be 100% slick on the first day but you never know. Can imagine it will do very well in this area as it's child friendly and somewhere different than the gastro pubs / Indian restaurants.

Also noticed the health food shop on Chamberlayne Road is now open. So we can go to The Diner and stuff our faces full of burgers, fries and shakes then cross the road for some vitamins and diet pills.

Anonymous said...

Love the concept but appalled by the slow service. We have been waiting more than half an hour just for breakfast. Word of caution, if you do come to the diner then bring a large book!

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed that a Chain has opened in our area when an independent restaurant would have been much better. Up to now we have had a 'rising kensal rise' because of these independents. I hope this isn't the beginning of chains taking over as usual. I will not be frequenting this mini macdonalds no matter how dressed up and middle class it pretends to be.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the 'mini macdonalds' comment. Really disappointed with The Diner, it would be nice to see something a little different but if your going to replace a great local pub with this at least do a decent refurb and make sure there's grills on the menu. Otherwise your stuck with no atmosphere and a list of burgers and Mexican. Probably good for breakfast but I'd definitely not do dinner here again unless there's a good list of grills for a better choice.

Anonymous said...

We thought that we would try it for some early evening dinner as its at the end of our road.
Slow service and lack of care to the customers was my first thought. The loo's were dirty so much so i complained. The chips were undercooked, burger was no better than burger king.The milkshakes over priced. I will not be eating here again.If you dont mind chain food with slow service then yes try it !

Im also really dissapointed that it is not an independent restaurant and hope that Kensal rise does not end up like so many other high streets.

MrSneeze said...

What a bunch of grumpy losers you posters are.
I went to The Diner last Saturday with my wife and son and we had a fantastic experience. I think I met two members of staff, both of whom were very friendly and helpful. The place was clean - including the cool/well-designed toilets. There's a fantastic children's play area - in fact the whole place was full of families and everyone was loving it. The atmosphere was great; so was the service. The food: tip top. I had an American-style breakfast and it was as good as I've had in the US, which is saying something because I'm often disappointed with US-style breakfasts in the UK.

McDonald's??? Are you posters blind? You should be happy that a great restaurant (with a fantastic, huge menu) has come to you area and stop moaning.

Anonymous said...

nice place, nice staff but quite frankly.. revolting burgers: no seasoning, oily and tasteless - soggy fries too. They will need to improve hugely if they want to keep it busy in there as they have stiff competition from The Regent who do fantastic burgers, Lucky Seven not far way either...hmmm