Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tesco to open on February 19th?

I asked Tesco for confirmation that their store on Chamberlayne Road would be opening. A kind press officer replied, and so I have it, sort of.

I've looked into your enquiry for you and found that we have an Express store opening on February 19th 2009 named Kensal Rise London Express.

As our store is yet to open I don't have full address details to check if it will be located on Chamberlayne Road however I can advise that the postcode should be BR5 1HD.

The postcode, of course, is not in Kensal Rise. In fact it's in Orpington. Hence my question mark. But I don't see any reason why there would be a store in Orpington called 'Kensal Rise London Express' and so I assume the postcode has been given wrongly.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Tesco bought the entire chain which owned the store that was on Chamberlayne Road previously, which I can't recall now, but remember a friend mentioning it when we were over at the Chamberlayne pub during Carnival.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for contacting Tesco; I was going to do the same.
I really hope it is the 19th Feb. A&P Foods - even for its not-so-yummy food - was a convenient alternative to Sainsburys, and I can't believe how long it's taking Tesco to move in there. Just get on with it so we can shop! :-)

Iain said...

On 23 Dec 2009 Brent Council granted Tesco planning permission for "Installation of new shopfront and 4 anti-ram-raid bollards to front of supermarket" and for "Installation of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)".

Anonymous said...

Good news about the ATM machine it's certainly something that we have been missing.