Friday, 25 September 2009


Anonymous in the comments points us to this story, which is Kensington & Chelsea council have found only one poor area in the entire borough, sorry I mean one area that is in need of regeneration, and it's (as far as I can work out) by the Sainsbury's and gasworks near us. And they want to put a Crossrail station there.

Crossrail, if you don't know, is the railway scheme that is 10 years in the future, and always will be. Actually that's a bit too cynical, as in fact funding apparently has finally been secured and it actually might get built.

Quite why K&C have decided at this very late hour (it is due to be finalised in November) to go for a station I don't know. And one wonders whether it'll have enough backing. Clearly, as anonymous says, it would be quite transformative. Can anyone give us more information?


Jessie said...

Over the past twenty years there have been a few attempts to build next to Sainsbury's but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the land is too toxic so each time the plans are abandoned. Few years back it was going to be flats. There is a platform there already, something to do with freight trains I think, maybe that's where they want to put it. Not very easy to access mind you!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're aware of this but there's been a bit more backing for the Crossrail station at the Kensal site very recently, noticed this page for supporters which has some info -

linda lamb said...

CAMPAIGN ...for kensal/w10 football club and football pitches at the kensal /crossrail site,..FACT; Greenwich has 46 various sports clubs,..kensington has one smiwwing/leisure facility and Canooeing on the canal,..we need a proper sports venue,.. this would put north kensington on the map,..the BALLYMORE to the old gasworks is a good site for football pitches and sports facilities..please campaign for sports venue..

kensal said...

Meeting at the dissenters chapel tomorrow regarding the gasworks.not sure how true but I've heard a whisper there could be a football stadium there for qpr.

Rik said...


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