Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The neighbourhood bulletin

for Queen's Park ward has dropped through our door. We learn that the council have:

* Given Tiverton Green (that's the bit of park north of Queen's Park) a makeover with a new pathway and benchmarks. I know the state of this park has exercised a lot of people in the area - I wonder if they are happier now?
* Formed a homework club at Brent library
* Distributed 'smartwater' packs to some residents. At first I thought this was going to be a water meter, ie probably charging us more. But no, it's a bit like those marker pens that you write on property so it can be traced if stolen.
* Kilburn Library garden - is apparently progressing well. In the wacky world of Brent libraries this is the library in Queen's Park [note this is a private project - see comments].


Anonymous said...


The Lexi....

Anonymous said...

I visited Olive Branch yesterday. Popped in for a coffe which is a reasonable £1.80. Nice and creamy.

I then decided to try there for lunch. I had a pizza and my partner had seafood spaghetti. The pizza was freshly made and very nice. The pasta was also good. Very reasonable in price too.

They also gave us a bit of antipasta to try and a lovely brioche type bun with cheese and ham inside. This too was good.

The owner mentioned how from next week they are hopefully going to open in the evening when they receive their alcohol license.

I shall definitely try it then too.

Anonymous said...

The Kilburn Library Garden is a great volunteer project-

It is Not funded by Brent Council - It got a small grant to get started from the Neighbourhood Working Fund. It will be a quiet reading garden and there will be an educational area to promote reading for children. It is in the process of becoming a charity.

Check out the website www.kilburnlibrarygarden.co.uk

BluBee said...

The Kilburn Library Garden Project is indeed not funded by Brent.
If you have any ideas for fund raising or would just like to help,then do please come into the library and let us know! You can see the gardens progress so far (the door is in the childrens library) There are regular "digging days" and there have been two open days to try to encourage support. The friends of Kilburn Library have done a fantastic job so far, they are all volunteers and we would be lost without their hard work and drive.
It will eventually be a wonderful outside space for everyone to use and all help is most appreciated.