Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Not a lot going on

Here's the Lexi cinema what's on.

The new Italian, The Olive Branch, is presumably opening this week. Is that right? First person to go please give us a review.


Anonymous said...

News on the William IV. It has been bought by the guy who owns Brondes Age in Kilburn. Heard he is planning on turning the 1st floor into hotel rooms.

Will really miss the tapas. What is the tapas like in Miros for taste/value and most importantly, size?

beebebebe said...

Miros only serves a limited number of dishes - but what it does it does well.

As for value for money I think it depends a bit on which dishes you choose as to how much they serve up.

What i do like about the place is that you can get lots of different wines by the glass & they are all reasonablly priced.

Rollergirl said...

Wait! I'm sorry but 'Brondes Age'... seriously, who came up with that one?

Anonymous said...

Ni joke. It is near Powers Bar in Kilburn. I went there and had a fry up once. Nice as it happens.

iainfisher said...

Brent Council have received a request for planning permission for Brilliant Kids "for change of use from Use Class A1 (retail) to mixed-use A1 and A3 (retail & cafe), to allow operating hours on Monday to Saturday 0800 to 2300 and Sunday 10".

Also London Underground requested planning permission to replace the stairs at Kensal Rise station.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Kids is going to be a restaurant called Hell Yeah! I heard. French/English style food.

Met the owner of Olive Branch today. Nice bloke. Will be a deli/cafe/restaurant. When it gets its alcohol license it will open past 8 in the evening.

Wonder if the old flower shop next to the station is to be renovated too? Scaffolding around it now.

Jessie said...

For those of you missing the William IV's tapas I can strongly recommend a trip to Centro Calego de Londres on Harrow Road close to junction of Scrubs Lane. It might not be the prettiest area around here but the tapas are good, authentic and jolly well priced. I went with friends on Friday and was very impressed. The place was full of Spanish people which I'm guessing is a good sign! No waiting ages to be served drinks at the bar either!!

MKB Always said...

Yes I had been to Centro Calego de Londres a couple of months ago and the food was enjoyable.

Have you seen the London Lite today - double page spread on Kensal Rise with Chamberlayne Road labelled "London's coolest street" how proud that makes one feel. Didn't know we had so many celebrities in our midst. Am hopeless at spotting celebs.