Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Kensal Rise weather

A quick weather update using my weather station. Here is the average daily temperature in Kensal Rise since January. Unfortunately May is missing, that's the gap. The hottest single daywas the 30th June with a temperature average of 23.6 degrees centigrade (as are all temperatures quoted here). The coldest was 1st February at minus 2.2 degrees.

Taking the monthly average the coldest was January at just 4.1 degrees, then Feb at 5.7 degrees, March at 8.6 degrees, April at 12.2 degrees. Then June was the hottest month at 19.1 degrees, slightly warmer than July's 18.3 degrees and just August's 19.0 degrees. September tails off quite quickly to just 16.1 degrees and October is back down to April levels at 12.2 degrees.

Looking at individual days, the following charts shows the temperature every half hour through the day (from midnight) for October 26th (Monday), and the 26th of June, July, August and September. Of course in October the clocks had gone back so everything's been pushed forwards an hour. There's a slight problem with my weather station which really shows up here - the sun shines directly on it about 2pm. Hence on sunny days it can really raise the temperature - that I think is what is happening on 26th September given how cold it began and then picked up so rapidly.


Anonymous said...

I thought the cupboard outside Miro's was the most exciting thing in The Rise until.....

Matthew said...

God, we need more guys/girls like you around.