Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Couple of updates about nothing much

* We're told the pizza/med food place next to Tescos will be open in 1-2 weeks.

* There was some activity in what used to be Miros/Whytes

* Lots seems to be going on at what might be The Brasserie on Station Terrace

Anything else to report?


Anonymous said...

Nothing to add apart from keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i have a query - does anybody know what the old church type building on wrentham avenue/ tiverton road was or is going to be? its been being renovated for as long as i can remember - there's still a tower of sorts... a mosque?, a church, another branch of tesco? any ideas?

Matthew said...

That's the infamous 'Tiverton tower', or something like that, which there was a campaign to stop building, or at least stop building so high. Which I think failed but I don't know much about it - I think it's a mosque/islamic centre of some sort.

Art from Chevening said...

Sorry for being a bit unsavoury but has anyone noticed how much dog dirt there is on our streets recently?

I've been working away for 6 months and came back the other week, went for a stroll in the morning and couldn't believe it.

I then went on a little trip to Paris and the pavements there were cleaner than ours!

What's happened since I've been away?

Anonymous said...

I think you're right Matthew, the 'Tiverton tower' is an islamic cultural centre - funded by Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) I believe.

Been a 'work in progress' for years though!

- Zoe

Anonymous said...

Brasserie is now open. Does breakfasts, soups, steak sandwiches etc... What I could see when I walked past. Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Met the owner of Number 8, Brian. Really nice fella. The food looks good and prices reasonable. £2.50 plus for a glass of wine. Will defo give it a go.

Cliff said...

Yes, there is a lot of dog poo, and the roads are often strewn with litter.
Has anyone noticed the local street sweeper is a bit of a slacker?
Whenever I see him he's standing around listening to his ipod not doing a lot. I don't blame him. Sweeping the streets must get dull after a while.