Sunday, 21 March 2010

New restaurant, old(ish) restaurant

As some of the commenters have noted, the brasserie on Station Terrace has opened with the useful name 8 Station Terrace. We looked in at about 5pm today (Sunday) and it was packed. The interior looked nice and the menu looked good too (I don't know if it was just for today or changes daily). A commenter noted the wine is reasonably priced by the glass (although I thought the Prosecco at 25 quid a bottle was a tad expensive). Anyway the proof will be in the pudding, and the starters etc, and so I will report back when we've been. Certainly on the face of it a very welcome addition.

We also went recently to Ida, and had a very reasonable three courses for £20 or something like that. Food was excellent, very filling and tasty.


Anonymous said...

Tried number 8 for Lunch today & very good it was, still a bit quiet, it could be a bit cosier maybe some window dressing to obscure the view & possibly a less powerful extractor fan so we could smell some of the wonderful food being cooked ! but the food was very nice as was the tea & Service.

Anonymous said...

Had lunch today, good food reasonably priced and full

Anonymous said...

been for brunch on saturday which was excellent and a quiet bite on a week-night. the ambiance was great and the school chairs surprisingly comfy. my fishcakes were delicious, our full english was perfect.
service very friendly, great place to hang out will be back