Thursday, 4 March 2010

Few quck google news links

Roadwork problems in Kensal Rise street.

Lexi Cinema has a bra fundraising drive

La Grand Bouche in Kensal Rise - has anyone heard of that? Anyway apparent Sienna Miller was there.

Controversy over Kensal Green councillor.

Article about Crazy Baker, a wholesale (sort of) baker on Harrow Road.

There's a few other local things I need to put up and will do son the next few days. I see Harvist is now doing evening meals - anyone tried it out?


Anonymous said...

the Kilburn Times has evidently not heard of the concept of libel.

Anonymous said...

See they have fenced off the old petrol station on Chamberlayne Road. About time too, what an eyesore. Hopefully they will build something interesting, but more likely flats.

Anonymous said...

It did get planning permission for a large block of flats with a supermarket underneath - lets hope its M&S or Waitrose!

Anonymous said...

The shop above Kensal Rise overland was due to be a coffee shop, but apparently there was problems with the water board.

May still happen though.

Not sure we need another coffee shop though. I think Harvist is the best one now, especially as theie menu has improved.

Cliff said...

What's your favourite local newsagent?
I rate Pelican on Chamberlayne for the magazines and large stock of weekend papers but I also like the post office on College Road for it's old-school gifts and general vibe.