Sunday, 22 February 2009

A late and short restaurant review and misc

I don't think we ever got around to reviewing Pomelo, a Chinese restaurant on Chamberlayne Road. I don't remember much about it except the food was very good, large portions and the owners friendly and helpful. It was bring your own wine, which meant it was pretty inexpensive too.

A reader has asked about Samsom Miro. I must say I always liked the look of it, both outside and in, but didn't use it very often as I had a large stock of wine from France. Now the question is has it closed? I noticed the other day they had put paper across the windows, which might support the refurbishment idea. On the other hand there were no notes (now) which said that was still happening.

Finally it looks like soon to open is the cafe, or 'tea shop' as one commenter suggested, on the corner of Chamberlayne Road and Harvist Road.


Anonymous said...

There is definitely work going on in Samson Miro. He has such a large unused are downstairs it wouldn't surprise me if this became more of a bar.

He probably made more money on a Friday and Saturday night with people glugging the wine in there than any than selling bottles. He would be a fool not to exploit that.

The charcuterie in there was actually delicious. Really hope it stays open.

Not been to Pomelo yet but would have to be great to top Tong Kanom Thai.

Anonymous said...

Also, just been chatting to the owner of the dry cleaners on Chamberlayne Road near Miro's Grocer. She is relocating to the shop currently being refurbished next to Embers on Station Parade, so it wont be a woman's clothes shop after all.

Plus workmen in Samson Miro's. Something is going on.

Matthew said...

Miros - sounds sensible, I'm sure you're right about where they make their money. Shame to see such a lovely looking wine shop go 'though as I said I think twice I've actually bought wine to take out from there, but I remember certainly on on occasion I was very pleased with it.

Still no word from Tesco.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed (at a glance) the new sushi bar on Station Parade name reads "Cat Sushi". The typographer should be shot. So bad.

Iain said...

The name Samson Miro has been removed from the shop front. I guess it has gone.

Iain said...

I like the name Cat Sushi, they should rename

iainfisher said...

Pomelo don't serve alcohol but you can bring your own. They are now charging corkage at £3 per bottle of wine and £1 per bottle/can of beer. A bit expensive. I don't mind paying corkage, but a reasonable amount.

I'd say £3 per table was reasonable.

June said...

Just read your comment about Pomelo. Was there last night with friends from Cheltenham who raved about the food. We took a bottle and there was no charge for corkage. Top class food!

June, Cricklewood