Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sushi bar/restaurant?

We walked past feverish activity on Station Terrace, Kensal Rise, tonight, and asked them what was being installed, and was told it was 'sushi'. It looked quite small, so perhaps just take-away (but is that viable?). Anyway more new things, and many people have now confirmed to me that the AP Foods rumour is true (or at least they have heard it too).

But I see Home has gone. Not a surprise, dare I say? It didn't seem to sell much, and what it did sell seemed rather niche, even for a posh homeware shop.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised about Home, only had expensive baths in there anyway.

Samson Miro is closed for "refurbishment" but haven't seen any activity to suggest that.

Sushi wold be great as long as not as expensive as the one where Raj is now.

Think an Italian pizza/pasta place would do so well around here.

Anonymous said...

Flying Elephant is now Caribbean plus new woman's clothes shop is opening near Chicken Cottage.

Tony and Guy been sniffing around "Home" premises too.

Dicky said...

What "AP Foods rumour is that"?

Anonymous said...

The w"ord on the streets" about AP foods were that they owned lots of leases on other shops in Kensal Rise but wouldn't let them to anyone who they classed as rivals.....the result being that there were always loads of empty commercial properties in the area. No that Tescos has taken over these leases have become available again which has caused a resurgence of new businesses moving in.