Monday, 2 February 2009

"Queens Park eat your heart out."

A commenter suggests. And is he/she not right? One can argue about factors such as the park, tubes and other transport, But certainly in terms of shops I'd say Kensal Rise was on a par, QP shops (apart from one clothes shop my girlfriend likes) are a bit dull. We definitely have better pubs and probably range of restaurants. It depends really how far you define Kensal Rise's borders - for example I guess some of the stuff down nr Kensal Green tube is perhaps just as near Queen's Park.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Kensal Rise is better.

Gastro Pubs, KR 4 Vs QP 1.
Delis, KR 4 Vs QP 1.
Cinema, KR 1 Vs QP 0.
Weird Furniture shops, KR 3 Vs QP 0.
Florists, KR 1 VS Qp 1.
Butchers, KR 1 Vs Qp 0.
Indian Restaurants, KR 4 Vs QP 1.
Tube, KR 0 Vs QP 1.

Plus other stuff. Anyway, Kensal Rise is better, simple as.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to compare with another successful area. Kensal Rise is not Queens park or any other area.It is a vibrant area of its own. It looks like low self esteem. Just be proud of kensal Rise- thats enough.

Anonymous said...

Because 00:10 I was snowed in and had nothing better to do. You are right there though.

Matthew said...

Well having done so we realise that there is no comparison, so we won't do it in future.

Ah, I think it's a bit of fun really. Things are good in their own right, and good in comparison to others. That areas move up and down in the world is hardly new.