Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Here's the latest...

Dear Matthew,

I can confirm that the new opening date for the store is 2nd July 2009. I hope this information helps.

Kind Regards

Customer Service Manager
Tesco Customer Service


Emma said...

But on the up side, the new Sushi place should be opening sometime during the week starting 1st March. I poked my head around the door; it will be takeaway, but there are about 5 spaces along one wall if you want to eat in.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Sushi place, hope it's good. Miss the sushi restaurant, the one that used to be on Chamberlayne Road years ago.

Jammie said...

Has anyone noticed or been into the west indian place - down near Kahs... think it was where the Thai restaurant was??

Matthew said...

No, someone mentioned it here, and we walked past and saw something like 'Caribbean restaurant' and nothing else had changed...but it was packed. This was about four weeks ago.

Anyone got a review we can stick up on the site?

The Benopause said...

I believe Harvist is opening on 1st April... so midweek then?